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When you experience an injury at work, it can bring about major disruptions to your life. Aside from the physical ailment, It seems everything from your finances to relationships is impacted. State laws in Louisiana are designed to compensate workers who have been injured on the job in a manner that restores at least some of what was lost. While this is good news, workers' compensation laws also limit how much financial restoration can be received. There are several types of benefits, all with their own set of standards.

Temporary Disability Benefits is for injured employees who need at least seven days to recover. The injured will not receive compensation for the first seven days unless more than two weeks of work is missed. At that point, compensation is up to $657 per week.

Supplemental Earnings Benefits is available to injured employees for up to ten years.

Permanent Total Disability Benefits is for injured employees who absolutely cannot work any type of job at all, even if it doesn't align with their given experience, education, or other types of qualifications. What's deemed permanent or not can vary and there are also lots of exceptions and clauses to permanent disability. One of those is that people who have suffered catastrophic injuries can also receive a one-time payment of $500,000 in addition to other damages.

Additional benefits can be rewarded for things such as:

  • medical benefits
  • mileage reimbursement
  • vocational rehabilitation
  • death
  • funeral expenses

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Compensation for Occupational Diseases

Usually, injuries are clear to see. Broken bones, cuts, bruises, and back injuries all typically have symptoms that can be seen and clearly indicated. Sometimes, the injury isn't as noticeable because it's internal. An occupational disease is an example of this type of injury — and compensation is still due. Occupational diseases involve being exposed to certain environments at work that directly correlates to the illness. There is still a statute of limitations for filing a claim involving occupational disease, but there's a bit more leeway since it's not as easy to detect. Claims must be filed within one year of:

  • the employee suspecting that the disease is work-related,
  • the disease manifesting itself,
  • the employee is disabled as a result of the disease, or
  • the employee dying from the disease.

Navigating the legal system while you or a loved one is trying to recover from a work-related injury can be complicated. It's important to hire an attorney who can help you alleviate that stress and take the right steps towards seeking justice.

Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Attorney

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