Case Results

Settled property damage only claim.  18 wheeler lost control spilling waste water on client’s property.


Rear-end collision causing shoulder pain.


Trip and fall on boat dock after party on river.


Contested liability. Recovered entire policy limits.


Aggravation of preexisting back injury & on the job injury.


Knee injury at work.


After a year denying the claim, produced evidence requiring acceptance of workers comp claim, back & shoulder injury.

$50,000 in back benefits and penalties + ongoing benefits at maximum compensation rate

Finger burn due to work injury.


Leg fracture due to motor vehicle accident.  Maximum policy limits collected.


Motor vehicle accident causing two treatment visits, no ongoing symptoms.


Red-light “T-bone” motor vehicle accident.  Disputed liability.  Subpoenaed video evidence from restaurant next to intersection.  Collected maximum policy limits.


Client ticketed after motor vehicle accident.

$34,500 (ticket subsequently dismissed)

Multi-car accident causing $3,211.63 in medical expenses.


Motor vehicle accident causing aggravation of pre-existing shoulder injury.


Occupational disease (carpal tunnel syndrome) in work setting.


Work accident causing torn-rotator cuff.


Workers Compensation trial resulting in award of back benefits and ongoing benefits for post-traumatic stress disorder disability.

$50,323.47 in back benefits & penalties + ongoing benefits

Truck driver injured in workers compensation claim.


Truck driver attacked by competing truck driver.  Injured at work.