Personal injury cases can range from more minor wounds like a broken finger to drastic spinal cord injuries. The latter, if severe enough, may be called a catastrophic injury and can result in enormous amounts of discomfort and expenses. These injuries, in many cases, have long-lasting effects and can change the way you live your life on a day-to-day basis. 

As your personal injury attorney, I will work diligently to discover the reason behind your catastrophic injury, especially if it resulted from someone acting negligently. When one individual causes another harm in Louisiana, they are “at-fault” and must compensate you for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. 

What is Classified as a Catastrophic Injury?

These injuries get their name from the amount of damage they can do to someone, whether it is physical, mental, or emotional. The legal definition of a catastrophic injury, according to the US Code, is “an injury that permanently prevents an individual from performing any gainful work.” In other words, injuries from which you can never recover completely after your accident. 

Examples of Catastrophic Injuries

They may affect almost any part of your body and can lead to a diverse range of long-term, irreversible consequences.

  • Traumatic brain injuries have more long-term effects on your cognitive function, including your speech and emotion, but may also result in the inability to have motor control over your arms and legs.

  • Spinal cord injuries, depending on what area of your spine was damaged, can cause partial or complete paralysis, breathing or circulatory issues, muscle spasms, chronic pain, or incontinence. 

  • Severe burns can lead to infection if treated improperly, limb loss, or even disfigurement.

  • Limb loss is a common workplace injury, especially professions that require the use of dangerous tools, heavy machinery, or both.

  • Ruptured or pierced organs, including livers, lungs, or kidneys, cause internal bleeding, which can be life-threatening.

Catastrophic injuries result from an abundance of different kinds of accidents, many of which are common incidents that resulted in more severe injuries than normal.



Causes of Catastrophic Injuries in Louisiana

There are a multitude of accidents that can bring about your life-long injury, and the accident itself will often tell you if you have grounds to file a lawsuit against the person that caused it. The most common events that result in a lawsuit for catastrophic injuries include:

  • Semi-truck accidents can create a lot of damage because of their size and inability to quickly stop at the sudden change of traffic.

  • Pedestrian, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents result in catastrophic injuries because of the lack of protection from quickly-moving vehicles that may not have seen them.

  • Other car accidents in which the other driver was driving under the influence or driving distracted.

  • You may be entitled to compensation from your employer’s insurance company if your workplace injury was caused by a negligent coworker or loose safety regulations, for example.

  • Sports and recreational activities, including football, rugby, or soccer, are very dangerous even with regulation padding and safety gear in place.

  • Medical malpractice occurrences when surgeons make a mistake that can alter your motor or cognitive abilities for the rest of your life.

  • Products or devices that were defective or didn’t have properly placed user warnings.

Regardless of the origin of your injury, it will most likely result in costly expenses from the ambulance ride to the emergency room onward. These expenses, to the average American, are at bankruptcy-inducing levels. In a study reported at the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, 28% of bankruptcy filers say that severe injuries or illnesses were the reason they filed.

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