Personal Injury vs. Bodily Injury

What’s the Difference Between Bodily Injury & Personal Injury?

Though very similar, it is important to know the difference, especially if you have been hurt in a car accident and need to seek an attorney that can best fit your needs. First, bodily injury is simply harm that has been physically done to you or other victims. Bodily injury is a more specific term, while personal injury is a broader term that relates to any physical injury, emotional or psychological damage, and any damage that has been done to your car, motorcycle, semi-truck, bicycle, or whatever you were driving at the time of the accident. Another term used for this is property damage.

How Do You Know Which is Which?

If you have been in a car wreck, you may want to seek reimbursement for any bodily injuries, property damage, or both. For example, if someone in front of you slammed on their breaks, causing you to do the same, you might get whiplash. Even though you stopped in time to prevent any damage to your car, your neck injury is still enough grounds to pursue compensation for your bodily injury.

An example of if you only should pursue property damage is if you are riding your motorcycle and someone cuts you off, causing you to swerve into the ditch. You may have had enough protective clothing and gear on to keep from getting injured, but your motorcycle may still have enough damage done to pursue justice in court.

So what happens when someone gets hurt in a major accident such as a head-on collision or t-bone? After all, there are 6 million car accidents per year in the United States. With these types of accidents, it is rare that a car and its driver come out untouched. If you want to fight for compensation for your medical bills and your totaled car, you would then need to seek out a personal injury attorney. 

How Do You Know if You Need an Attorney?

Property Damage Insurance Claims

In most cases, you will not need an attorney to file a claim with your insurance provider. It will simply take some back-and-forth communication with your insurance agent, and maybe your local auto shop. That being said, someone may not hold up their end of the deal. For example, if your agent says you only get X amount of coverage but your car mechanic says that the damage will exceed X amount. In that case, you should speak with a car accident attorney to help set things straight between each party.

Property Damage Lawsuits

Did you know 72% of crashes result in major property damage? If your car was damaged because of someone else, you may be entitled to compensation, depending on the severity of the damage done. Of course, it is up to the judge in the end to determine if you get paid or not, but I can help. Since I received my Juris Doctor from Mississippi College School of Law, I have given many of my clients the help they need to pursue justice for any kind of property damage. I use my strategic mindset and empathetic approach to do everything I can when pursuing the best possible outcome for you.

Bodily Injury Lawsuits

Similar to property damage lawsuits, you may receive a payout depending on the damage done to your car. If you have simply come away with minor injuries, it might not be worth hiring an attorney. On the other hand, if you have been severely injured, such as a spinal cord injury or a broken bone, the costs of your emergency room visit and surgery will be very expensive.

What if You Still Aren’t Sure About Hiring an Attorney?

For most car accident cases, it’s important to work with an experienced, knowledgeable lawyer that has a proven track record with cases just like yours. That being said, I realize that every case is different, and I won’t use a “cookie cutter approach” as I evaluate your case. If you are still unsure as to whether an attorney is your best option, I offer free consultations and will be honest about the journey you should take. 

If I believe that an attorney isn’t the path for your case, I will tell you, because you shouldn’t waste your time or money on something that isn’t your best option. Call my office in Monroe, Louisiana, to hear your options, and we will discuss how you should move forward from there.

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