Motorcycle Accidents: Are You at Fault?

What to do After Your Motorcycle Accident

Just like any vehicle on the road, driving a motorcycle has its benefits as well as set backs. Most people choose to travel by motorcycle because they are ideal for one person, save gas money, or because motorcyclists simply like to feel the wind in their face as they drive down the highway. On the other hand, driving a motorcycle has its own unique drawbacks that can cause people to steer away from this form of transportation, primarily safety. But is it true to say that motorcycles are less safe than any other vehicle? Here is what you need to know when driving the roads of Louisiana.

Is It Safer to Drive a Car or Motorcycle?

It depends on who — or what search engine — you ask. Some say that although it is dangerous, other things in your life cause more deaths per year, such as smoking tobacco. Comparatively speaking, you are about 20-30 times more likely to die in a road accident driving a motorcycle than driving a car, according to various studies and statistics.

Why Are You More Likely to Be Hurt on a Motorcycle? 

Different factors take part in different ways for each case, but the reason motorcyclists are more prone  to death or harm in accident is because of their vulnerability to the outside environment. Cars and trucks have airbags, walls, and ceilings to reduce potential harm, while motorcycles have nothing but the cement, which is rarely forgiving. As a result, motorcyclists tend to be more cautious on the road because of their susceptibility to injury, though the inverse is not true, unfortunately. In other words, when four-wheeled drivers are sharing the road with you and your motorcycle, they often do not exercise any extra caution, despite your increased risk of death or injury. This begs the next question:

How Do You Know Which Driver is at Fault?

There are myriad factors when it comes to determining whether you or the other driver is responsible for a road accident: the speeds of each driver, whether each party was obeying road laws at the time of the accident, external environmental conditions, and more. In other cases, you and the other driver may share fault, so the next hurdle is to discover how much of the shared responsibility is yours. For example, you may share the responsibility equally, or one party may be slightly more at fault than the other. So who figures out who is responsible for the accident? If you were driving your motorcycle and were injured, look to a reliable, trustworthy motorcycle accident attorney to help you with your case.

How Can a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Help You?

As an attorney who has helped numerous motorcyclists receive compensation for their injuries and property damage, I know the most helpful strategies to help you pursue justice for your case. It is important that I know every single detail of the accident from beginning to end to lend you the helping hand you deserve. My responsibility throughout our time together is to make sure your voice is heard and no stone goes unturned. If the other driver was in the wrong, such as driving distracted, speeding, or failing to use a turn signal, you may be entitled for compensation with the help of a personal injury attorney.

What You Should Do Next

You’ve been in an accident, you’re injured, your motorcycle is totaled, and you no longer have a way to get to work or the grocery store, nor a way to pay for a new bike or hospital bills. Turn to the Bruscato Law Firm to fight by your side, every step of the way. I have served the great community of Monroe, Louisiana, by not only getting to know each of my client’s cases, but becoming fully involved with their story and cause. With me as your lawyer, you can count on me to give you the passionate and caring legal guidance you want and the aggressive and knowledgeable legal assistance you need. Call my office at (318) 855-1613 or contact me to schedule your free consultation with me today.

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