How to win your accident case – Wrecked Auto? Call Bruscato.

When you are in a car wreck, the first thing you should do is take inventory of your physical condition.  Many people do not realize that they are injured immediately following a crash and this is a result of the adrenaline that comes with being personally and physically involved in a trauma.  Take it slowly, don’t rush your movements.

Following an accident, one of the first things you should do while you are still at the scene of the accident is to take photographs of the other vehicles involved in the accident.  The reason you should do this is because sometimes after an accident, an at fault vehicle might be totaled & sold or repaired—making it impossible to later obtain visual evidence of the condition of said vehicle after the accident.  TAKE PHOTOS AT THE SCENE and avoid this problem.  You could save yourself a lot of stress and time by taking this advice to heart.

Once you leave the scene of the accident, after law enforcement has been called and performed an investigation, focusing on your physical condition should be your next priority.  If you suffer from acute pain, especially chest, head, neck, back, arms or legs, you should not hesitate in going to an emergency room.  If it is not the case that you are suffering from immediate acute pain, you should wait until the next morning and re-evaluate how you are feeling.  It is all too common that people who are in auto accidents will wake the next morning with pain in their back or neck. 

Strangely, many who feel okay immediately following the accident but feel pain the next morning feel that it is “too late” to pursue their claim.  This is wrong.

Some of the worst soft-tissue injuries do not present themselves until the day after an accident.  Your body is adapted to protect you from feeling the pain of this type of injury when it occurs.  This does not mean that this injury will resolve itself on its own… your body will NEVER heal properly unless you address this issue with professional medical treatment and evaluation.

If your injury is more serious than a “soft-tissue” injury, you might need more complicated and expensive treatment.  For example, some conditions require epidural steroid injections to relieve the pain symptoms. 

Knowing which doctor to choose makes a huge impact on your quality of life.

There are two types of doctors: (1) doctors who hate patients who are pursuing a personal injury claim, and (2) doctors who love their patients and want to help them with the best medicine.  You have the right to choose your own physician and this can often be the most important choice you make in terms of improving your condition and establishing your injury was in fact caused from a car accident.  Your doctor can save your life.  The doctor you choose could also make things worse. 

There are many other available treatments besides surgery.

Some people expect that they will need surgery after a motor vehicle accident.  This is not necessarily true.  Spine health and treatment options have improved dramatically in the last 20 years.  Even the surgery options that are available have been refined and are more effective. 

Doctors treat your medical condition, lawyers protect your claim’s position.

At some point you will receive a phone call from the adjuster on your claim.  Will you tell them something that helps your claim?  Might you say something that hurts your claim?  Should you give a recorded statement and provide all the facts your can remember?  Should you let the adjuster obtain all of your private and protected health information?  Should your adjuster be allowed to obtain your employment file?  An adjuster will not stop until they get every piece of information they can or until you cry uncle and give up.  A personal injury lawyer, like John Bruscato, knows how to handle this and will do everything he can to place you in the best position.

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